IDEO’s online school, IDEO U, has a mission to help leaders unlock their creative potential and learn to solve anything creatively. Our content marketing strategy is to share the knowledge of IDEO's 30+ years of learning and insight in design thinking, storytelling, and leading for creativity. By educating our audience, we aim to inspire creative confidence and spark a deeper interest in learning how to apply these methods to their work and lives. 

Skills Employed: Content Strategy | Email Marketing | Social Media Management | Editorial Strategy + Planning | Copywriting 


Blog Series

Strategy: Harness the collective knowledge of the IDEO community to fuel the ongoing conversation and learning around creative leadership and creative problem solving.  


Creative Confidence Interviews

Jane Fulton Suri on Design Evolution and Developing Creative Leaders

Claudia Kotchka on Innovation and Creativity









Tools + Resources

Use Customer Journey Maps to Uncover Innovation Opportunities

6 Tips from IDEO Designers on How to Unlock Insightful Conversation 


Impact Stories

Applying Design Thinking to HR and People Operations at FiveStars






Strategy: Conduct live webinars focused on course-related topics, lessons, and interviews as a way to share knowledge and spark interest in upcoming courses.


Creative Confidence Series

Creative Confidence Series: Chasing Creativity with Neil Stevenson






Email Marketing 


 social Media MARKETING 

Strategy:  Keep the IDEO U learner community up-to-date on upcoming events and courses. Pique curiosity and answer questions of potential IDEO U learners.

















Social Media Growth

Sept 2016 - Dec 2016


  • 65% increase in FB page engagement
  • 56% increase in FB post likes
  • 34% increase in FB post comments


  • 25% increase in RTs
  • 31% increase in tweet link clicks


  • 50% increase in post shares
  • 42% increase in post comments